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Surendra Pai's comment on An open letter to PM Narendra Modi's haters

Any number of articles will not save Modi and BJP in 2019. I did not vote for last 40 years but during 2014, after 4 decades, I voted for BJP and that was my blunder. Modi is a disaster. He has brought nothing but shame to the country through his Pakistan dealings. He is a big talker sans results. He lacks leadership quality, not aggressive, his policies are killing the backbone of Indian economy and strength, ie, its MIDDLE CLASS. They are just waiting for 2019 so that Modi and his BJP becomes a history for ever.
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Congress took almost 60 years,You took 40 years,it was your wise decision you voted for Modiji,He is not their to send moneyorder to the countrymen but to the money in order ment for them. put a check on corrupts who ruined the country looted national wealth, have patience for one more term you will become follower of BJP. Now its your responsibility to encourage people to vote for Modiji your Valued vote will not go waste. We need to nurture this regime to root out corruption.
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I do not agree with you.modi is doing fine..but this congress is not interested in development of our country.
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Do not agree with Surendra's views.Modi is honestly cleaning up the muck left by corrupt party which misruled for too long. You can see the vigour of BJP in parliamentary debates as well as in the speedy actions on age old unresolved issues. The results have started pouring in. In 2019 we will vote Modi with higher conviction.
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Since it took 40 years for you to know that finally someone worth is there to vote for, give him some time to prove! You took 40 damn years to know that congress is no good, and 2.5 years to know Modi is not!? That is "Hypocrisy". If his visions and what he is aiming for is maligned, then don't vote for him. Is he not trying? Who doesn't make talks big or make promises in politics? He is also politician, but unlike others he has a positive approach towards it. Give him some time if you can, but as we all know democracy is gonna play a role :)
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Ignore this Surendra Pai who is really either a congress stooge or AAPTARD jst pretending he was a Modi supporter before.
As mentioned in your comment , after 4 decades you voted for BJP , go back to voting for the corrupt scamgress or show-off party AAP. After all it is a democracy. Since you mentioned policies which are killing the middle class , as a middle class I'm happy with the policies made by the government. Guess everyone wants "Acche Din" without sacrificing each ones comfort , people don;t want to work for acche din but we all are happy complaining about what the government has not done. Blame government for Daal prices , fuel prices without even asking a basic question "Why". Read the first paragraph of the article , sums up very well your kinds.
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