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Kanwar Ratanjit Singh's comment on One nation, one culture

Hindu Dharma ...... please substitute this term for religion, for want of a more suitable word, as Dharma has no equivalent in English and cannot be translated ....... is the only other religion (?) apart from Sikhism, Buddhism and Jainism, that recognizes all religions are equally to be admired and revered. In other words, Hindus recognize, accept and value, religious and cultural pluralism and, therefore, unity in diversity, because Vedanta and the philosophy of all other Hindu scriptures permit us this freedom, of choice. My submission is that if we, Hindus and Muslims, the two largest communities in India could have a better bonding, of being one in the eyes of law, as citizens with equal rights, India would be a much stronger and resilient Country. This, alas, is not the case presently.
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