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Ratan Sharda's comment on Can Muslims be De-radicalized?

I totally agree with you, Haider. Arguments must be fought with ideas. Debate rather than abuse or violence has been the mode of discussion in India since eons. This deviation is result of 'secular' abuse of nationalist feeling for nearly 7 decades by socalled Intelligentia. Alternative views were never allowed space, forget promotion. SM has given option to vent these extreme feelings. Even I get abused by Muslim friends on Twitter sometimes even though my language is always balanced. This must not be allowed on any side. De-radicalizing langauge and behaviour is simpler than de-radicalizing ideas nurtured by Maulvis now fattening on petro-dollars as Mr. Sultan Shahin puts it. Moderates who wish to break out of this trap find it very difficult due to social pressure, thats what I have highlighted.
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