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Viren Naik's comment on How to tackle new challenges world is facing

It was a good speech from Naren on the outset but lacking in substance regarding how the relation between the two countries will develop. Very strangely he mentioned about cutting extremism from Religion but not cutting out the religion from nationalism or governance of a nation. That shows how duplicitous the political advantage taking is. Anyway whatever he said does not mean anything if he is going to curb the freedom of NGOs regardless of their intentions which is for the judiciary to decide. I liked the expectations presented on the Solar Energy development across the board via a world body but I do not see how India will benefit from the NSG without first signing off on the Non Proliferation Treaty. China has an upper hand here and therefore India should continue quietly as it has been before without giving much importance to NSG. Let us not fool ourselves India is not a democracy and everything is ruled by the Central Government Imperialism so much that the Individual States are mostly Governed by the Cabalistic Mafias affiliated to Centre Political Parties. Look at Bihar, UP for example you cannot enter certain parts without protection from local mafias. Like the Panama Papers this speech will be washed away into the sea once the real politics of communalism enters the serious mode in India and the rest of the world you have been warned. So concentrate on that as the Mother Nature is watching both the Himalayas and the Rockies.
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