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Viren Naik's comment on How to tackle new challenges world is facing

So the Gloves (Goves) are off in the Tories leadership fisticuffs. While a Crab in hand is worth more than a fox in the woods. It is possible that someone May get Borised (bruised). Whatever they say a general election can not be ruled out with Boris riding his chariot. I have already said before my favourite in Labour Party was my own local MP Joan Rtan and they chose Jeremy instead. I will stick to my words and that is the Women of UK will restore the pride of the wounded UK. Nicola and Joan can take UK to safely. Actually I would urge Nicola to consider that at this juncture of time the whole country and not just Scotland urgently need her leadership. UKNP is what is awaiting her. London is already talking to her. Don't you think Destiny wants her to lead our people in crisis? Even the rest of the world not to mention our own Queen wants her to take the role of our Joan of Ark. Regards and God Bless Viren Naik
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