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Biranchi Narayan Acharya's comment on Understanding Lord Jagannath - the Lord of the Universe - as perceived in Vedic scriptures

Jagannatha mean Natha of Jagat or Lord of universe. But the way people are barred to enter Puri temple, it diminish the term of Lord Jagannath. Non-Hindu's are not allowed. Even Hindus who are not born as Hindu (The western people who converted to Hinduism) are not allowed to enter in to the temple. Isn't the present religious masters reduced Lord of Universe to just lord of some upper caste Hindus? The history of Jagannath temple says that entry of all human is allowed. Later when Shankaracharya system came, people from lower caste were barred, subsequent when Muslim invasion occurred non-Hindus were barred. I asked some prominent VHP & BJP leaders to lift these bans. They said that they are trying but many religious heads including Shankaracharya's are not agreeing.
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