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Viren Naik's comment on How to tackle new challenges world is facing

Naren I find this difficult to understand how low is the Indian Govt on tact. You need a kautilya to guide you in Kashmir. There are four factions in Indian Kashmir that is not allowing any kind of peaceful continuity. The first two are the political outfits NC/ Congress and PDP/BJP. The third is Hurriyat and its fragmentation dictated by ISI and the fourth one is Militants supported by LeT type of support. Against that you have the Army and Border force and civil administration istration who are completely disjointed. The media is making the mockery of the complete situation. There is a well oiled media co to vent supported by our neighbour who have social media outlets all over the World. The Arab money is galvanised here. This is the reason I did mention to you to cut of total media so that you can know who is doing what in spreading Ashwathama type of news to create unrest. Just get your thinking cap working and make sure that Army is answerable in all actions but to you and not the whole world. Total news blackout for next 15 days and make sure the fragmented Hurriyet are more fragmented and totally isolated in terms of gagging. The main NC and PDP are not innocents they should be stopped completely in contact with western borders as there is a lot of drug and ammo traffic going on. We will go further but first things first look within to look out. Regards and God bless Viren Naik
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