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Ranjan Roja's comment on How to tackle new challenges world is facing

Naren I can confidently say that Raheel & co are rattled in UK. The related media tv channel is falsely used to propagate influencing local MPs etc. They are not talking about POK which they believe does not even exist by talking about only atrocities in the Srinagar Kashmir valley calling the whole of the rest areas as IOK which now includes Shia occupied and Ladakh and Jammu. The irony is that the lady anchor and the rest of her panel were all Punjabis claiming themselves as Kshhmiris. 27th October in UK the weather will be a question mark! You will now have to concentrate on social media giving voice to POK diaspora in UK and ISI is now in control of this channel D in UK. I did tell you the time will come to tell the world that there is only one part of Kashmir that is restive due to external forces encouraging the inciment of the Youth under the religious pretext.
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