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Haider's comment on Akhilesh Yadav's `donkey' remark: It's high time that donkeys of the world unite!

Saxena ji, In old days, it is true that Gadha were used to transport load for Dhobis as you have correctly mentioned but now days they are using bikes and bicycle even in villages of Uttar Pradesh. Just 2 months back I returned from home town. Though I am not a supporter of Akhilesh Yadav but I liked some his good works which had been done during his tenure as chief minister. e.g. most of the roads are in good shape, electricity is continuous for 16-18 hours without disruption which was only 8 hours during Mayawati regime that too with lots of disruptions, ambulance service is also doing good. Major concern for me as a native of state is law and order situation. It really needs a complete overhaul for the betterment of people.
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Dear SAKSENA ji, With all respect, you are an elder to me and hence word sahab is not appropriate. I am just trying to provide my views to audience in a sane manner as I dont believe in rhetorical discourse. Thanks a lot for keeping me in that high esteem. Ganga Jamuna Tahzeeb is not that easy to be destroyed by few stupids. People of UP are having great aspirations for future. The level of discourse in political field is really very low. May God save our country from these people. Again thanks a lot
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Dear Haider Saheb, Greetings! Thank you for conveying some good news about our home state. Such news is always welcome. I am proud of our Ganga-Jamuna tehjeeb. I hope, the divisive politics of the day, will not rent it apart. Our dhobi in Mumbai, comes from UP. Here he plies his trade on cycle and sometimes on motor cycle. I often talk to him about his village. All dhobis seem to have fond memories for this beast of burden! I always look forward to your articles, for their very sane and balanced views. Congrats!
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