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H. K. Razdan's comment on Authoritarian democracies – the new world order

Naim Sahab, you noted may be, or I may point out, that things changed after "KHUDAA HAAFIZ" turned into "ALLAH HAAFIZ". That was the point when Saudi petro-dollars began to flow around the world. I was so used to saying Khuda Haafiz to my friends and suddenly, I realised they are responding differently, so I asked a close Muslim friend the reason and was astonished to learn that Allah is not to be treated as Khudaa because there can be many Khudaas but only one Allah. I am no scholar and I meekly submit to the interpretation. Since you started from the past and mentioned transformation I thought it in order to mention this.
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Thanks Razdan Saheb for your valuable comments. I've written 2 articles about the dogmatic transformation of Khuda Hafiz to Allah Hafiz in Merinews in past and several other periodicals. This new found 'Allah Hafiz' was an invention of a Pakistani TV anchor who had many attributes similar to our Times Now and now new Republic anchor. It happened during the Zia times. Our Triple Talaqi Muallas took the thread from there and brainwashed the Indian / Pakistani Muslims. The real reason is that Khuda is more common in Persian. Saudi envy or Zia Islam can't accept the prevalence of a Persian word. Most of the scholarly translations before Zia's Islam had Khuda in interpretations. The change reflects the power of Petro Dollar. Khuda Hafiz is still sweeter and well tuned to dialogue than the new coined words.
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