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Biranchi Narayan Acharya's comment on Authoritarian democracies – the new world order

You have the right to present your point of view. I really appreciate when one is honest to his point of view & You are very honest on it. However I have just one point to say which you might have ignored. The trust between two communities definitely worsened after the demolition of babri or rather politicization of Mandir-Masjid controversy. This could have been avoided if late Rajiv Gandhi didn't play politics. For your information after appeasing various Muslim religious leaders on amending Constitution post Saha Banu verdict, some coteries of Rajiv Gandhi suggested him that such blatant appeasement create resentment among Hindus. Thus to please Hindus he personally opened the lock of Ram-temple inside Babri Mosque. The lock was there since 1950. But Rajiv Gandhi not only opened the lock but also politicised the entire issue. RSS/VHP suddenly take up this issue & since then whatever happened is not good for national integrity. That's why instead of blaming RSS/VHP for demolition of the Mosque I always blame Rajiv Gandhi for politicization of this issue.
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Thanks Acharya Ji for your kind comments. I've described several times in my articles about the dubious role Congress Party had played in Babri controversy. They are still paying for that. But that doesn't absolve the RSS for the violent political TANDEV this outfit is playing in the name of Hindutva or Pernicious Cultural Nationalism.
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