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Naim Naqvi's comment on What's wrong in vendetta politics if the corrupt are booked?

It is from your article - That's why I say that let there be vendetta politics, if it is in the interest of the nation. India is not a dictatorial state where opposition parties can be harassed or threatened without any reason. Thus, my answer to my friend as well as others is that let there be vendetta politics, but the government in power should go after all the corrupt from opposition parties. Not to forget that the ruling government has the mandate to act against corruption irrespective of when it happened or else it amounts to demagoguery. People always expect that the corrupt should be booked and tried in the court of law irrespective of whether such actions are considered vendetta politics or not............ So the writer feels that the government in power should go after all the corrupt from opposition parties ONLY. And not to look into the corruption inside its own flanks?????Fine Sir! It may NOT be in the interest of the nation but would serve the selective cultural nationalism. And then what is a dictatorial state Sir?????
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Dear Sir, I am very practical. I don't think that any political party is so honest which can initiate probe against their party members. I may appreciate Narendra Modi & most of time refer to him as reasonably honest (not absolutely honest) because I know he will definitely hide corruption of his party member or ministers. But then I wish when the opposition party will take over they should initiate probe & book the corrupt of current government. As citizen, no party should be our constant government. We must change governments so that they take action against corrupt of opposition parties. The moment they stop acting against corruption of opposition party, then Mr.Naqvi, politicians won & we citizens lost. That's why must not be supporting of just one party.or against of one party. We citizens must keep our options open. For example, in 2009 I was very supportive of Dr.Manmohan Singh & was very critical of BJP. But in 2014 I was critical of UPA & supportive of BJP& Modi. I will rethink again on 2019, 2024, 2029 etc because I don't make myself granted by any party or politician. I am sure you too never make yourself granted by any politician at least. That makes us responsible citizen. Isn't it?
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