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Vikas Yadav's comment on Why doesn't the Indian Army cross the LoC and make PoK history?

Well said last para....India will not have second chance...If we would have 100 percent BJP govt in state, by now Kashmir would have been scrapped with 370. BJP cannot do this now for 6 years as they are not would be miracle if they can pursuade Mufti to support this cause...nevertheless its still possible...we need POK and AKSAI CHINA 100 percent J&K as part of India and destroy CPEC after this..India has power to first idenfity and remove anti eliments & buld concenses in Kashmir...even POK wants to join India as no one in this world is willing to join poor country like PAK and they want to be associated with world third largest economy...we India has democracy, money and will for its people
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Rightly said , thanks..
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