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Soumistha Banerjee's comment on Why doesn't the Indian Army cross the LoC and make PoK history?

Kashmir is divided into five regions, namely - Jammu (Hindu majority), Kashmir vally ( Indian & Pak area - Brut sunni Muslim majority), Laddakh (Buddhist & Shia majority), Aksai Chin (Nomadic/ bakarwals - administered by China) and Gilgit-Baltistan (Mostly Shia & partly Sunni ). India rules Jammu, Kashmir Vlly & Laddakh. But it do not long to take POK & Gilgit-baltistan, because Kashmir vally is bulging with muslim population. By taking POK & Gilgit Muslim population will become unmanageable majority. GOI envisage that and also understand the financial burden will it bring. So, no looking at those retched places.
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Thanks for detail description and your analysis, that is also enlightening.
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