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Vinod Gupta's comment on 'Not in My Name': 'Award Wapsi' drama – part-2

The incidents of Cow Vogilanteism are less than 5 till date but when5 lac pundits ;lost it all, there was no agitation When 1 lac Sikhs were killed by Khangrease in 1984 , there ws no candle burning. When RSS men and Army were falsely implicated in Samjhauta, there wa no candle light march.. when Baba Ramdev murder attempt was made in Ramlila maidan there was no candle march. . The Govt should send police and block this type of wilful anti Hindu movement and arrest the leaders. Also all cow vigilantes should be regularized and put on Govt payroll , just like the rabidly ant-inational Hurriats, Bengal and Kerala mullas and hardline madarsas have been regularized - and all should structured properly to reflect our majority Hindu nation. When Saudi can use swords every Friday to kill innocwent expast ., the Cow Vigilantes might also be found useful one day.
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You have a point. Thanks
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