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Naim Naqvi's comment on Can history be undone by changing names of places and landmarks?

Like always, the learned author's article is based on facts and figures. I congratulate the author to expose the fanaticism masquerading as nationalism or Hindutva. Changing name won't change the past. A warrior would always be a warrior. Putting on the lion's skin, a sheep can't become a lion. Old Building are living past - the sermons in stone. It is merely the historic inferiority complex of likeminded RSS cadres that persuading them to play these gimmicks. It won't bring back the black money; it won't eradicate corruption and it can't usher the ACHCHEY Din. It can't bring the price of tomato or gas cylinder down. As the sand is slipping down fast in the time glass, these Promise Makers are looking for ruses to deflect the public attention from their flop show so far with all these silly actions. Hats off to the scribe!
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