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Naim Naqvi's comment on Sonia's address on 75th anniversary of Quit India movement: Does her party own exclusive copyright over India's freedom movement?

Dear Acharya Ji, You do often claim that you are NOT a follower of RSS and you had favoured Sardar Manmohan Singh also in past. I’m surprised when I see an otherwise reasonable scribe defending the indefensible. Your article begins with the defence of RSS referring an article of a RSS’ demagogue turned ideologue (or other way round) Rakesh Sinha’s without the solid facts. Then, in the last 5 paragraphs you’ve elaborated the history of INC – new incarnation of Old Congress Party of Nehru and Gandhi. That has nothing to do with the REALITY that the RSS’ founders and later leaders were collaborators of the British Masters. The British Home Department file from 1942 has all the circulars from RSS. The Bombay Home Secretary said the Sangh has scrupulously kept within the law and refrained from taking any part in the disturbances of 1942. The country knew that before India’s independence, RSS had decided to not take part in the ‘Quit India Movement’ and it decreed that no member of the Sangh should participate. This was there in a letter also written by Mr Mookerjee to the British Governor of Bengal, Mr Sharma said. Now, the same opportunistic outfit is trying to appropriate Sardar Patel who has banned it – just to unsuccessfully pull down Jawahar from his lofty pedestal. A writer shouldn’t see the sunshine with coloured spectacles.
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Dear Naqvi Sir, Iam not follower of any party of ideology (Congress, BJP, Communist or RSS). But that doesn't stop me reading or referring articles written by them. I appreciated many leaders like Indira Gandhi, PVNR, Modi, MMS etc at the same time I criticize them for their wrong doing. Of late many say me that I am amodi supporter or follower. Yes I am a fan of his administration style till now but you definitely know that I always held him responsible (morally) for post Godhra riot. Coming back to issue, my point is everyone before 1947 has fought against British in their own way. Not aligning with Congress due to ideological difference doesn't mean that they are not freedom fighter. 1942 QIM was viewed opportunistic by Communist & Hindu Mahasabha. I don't say whether they are right or wrong. But then when everyone from Congress arrested it's Communist leaders who led the movement. Then my opposition to Sonia Gandhi for claiming her party is the only freedom fighter. I gave the history of Congress to show her the mirror. Merger of a depleted INC led by Jagajiban Ram in Congress (I) doesn't make it sole heir of the real INC like the way the merger of depleted Janata Party in to BJP doesn't make BJP the sole heir of legacy of JP. Thus sir, my spectacle is absolutely clear, unbiased & transparent as I never see things selectively. You said Patel banned RSS. But then same Patel lift the ban on RSS & Nehru allowed RSS to take part in Republic day parade. I don't advocate for RSS but then none should deny certain facts & quote it selectively. I always object what RSS founder's vision but then I am happy that many of hard line stances (although there are still some remain) dropped by present RSS. BJP too has changed a lot since from it's old ideology.
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Sir, When you say that everyone before 1947 has fought against British in their own way, IT goes against the authentic history of these traitors. They didn't fight against British; quite contrary, they acted in their interest. There are several instances, not once when they were hands in gloves with their masters. Yes, they were not aligned with any party fighting for freedom; they were in cahoots with the ANGREZ SARKAR. And they have no right to demand any NATIONALISM from other Indians who love their Motherland more then anyone.
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