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Biranchi Narayan Acharya's comment on Four senior SC judges unite against CJI Dipak Misra saying 'democracy is in danger'

The Press conference of four of topmost senior Judges of SC against CJI is unprecedented. It appears that the groupism & politics in Judiciary is also rampant. Recall the case of Kolkata HC chief Justice C.S Karnan. Any sensible person can understand that Karnan is punished by SC because he complained of irregularities in Judiciary. Now the four judges also complain about it. Then why to punish justice Karnan? Next, they said that CJI is just first among equal nothing more & nothing less. Agree. I also believe that all judges of SC are just equal nothing more & nothing less. Point is why then these Judges are complaining if cases are allocated to other judges (favouritism or not favouritism). Aren’t these judges indirectly say that other judges are inferior to them? Isn’t it really a question mark on the credibility of entire Supreme Court as an institution? And what about Communist leader D.Raja’s meeting with Justice Chameleshwar post press conference? Is there a nexus between Judges-politicians? Point is simple. People see the Supreme Court with very high regards. Now onus on the SC itself to bring back the honor. If required heads must be rolled because it’s question about one important pillar of the democracy. If SC can’t maintain transparency then the Indian democracy will be very unfortunate. I still feel that NJAC is the need of the hour.
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