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kushal kumar's comment on At least 19 killed in Varanasi flyover collapse; CM Adityanath orders inquiry

Dust storm followed by gusty winds and rain on 13 May , 2018 lashed north India reaching out to some States in Southern India , killing over 80 up to now and causing widespread destruction , a reminiscent of something , more or less , similar to that happened in first week of May 2018 across the northern India. These happenings are one of following alerts of this Vedic astrology writer issued in April , on 8 May and after in present year 2018 for more care and appropriate strategy :- (1) The ongoing planetary impacts for India suggest a need for more care and appropriate strategy against weather vagaries or weather extremities by way of dust storms , thunder storm , lightening , hails , landslides etc during 8 May to 6 June , more so from 8 May to 25 May , in the present year 2018. (2) It may be correct to be on guard against fire sensitive substances or fire like gas , power , dry leaves etc during the aforesaid period of time. (3) It may also be apt to take more care and appropriate strategy against likely quake jolts during the said period and while driving on road or rail. (4) Health concerns relating to head , stomach , eyes , causing headache , body ache , fever , indigestion , weakening of general physical stamina or weakening of immunity system in the body. It may be apt to have a controlled or systematized diet which easily digests, enough pure or filtered water , fresh vegetables and seasonal fruits , and if there is no objection from medical pint of view , take small quantity of river or sea fish periodically , say weekly. (5) 16 and 17 May in present year 2018 also look to be , in particular and in distinct seriousness , calling for more care and appropriate strategy against any of aforesaid including dust storm , thunder storm , lightening etc. The worrisome concern could begin towards sunset - tonight even on 15 May , 2018. (6) Political , Judiciary , religion , what is right and what is wrong themes , could be in focus for heightened discussion and analysis during said time. Some may be anguished . (7) Northern States like HP , J&K , Uttarakhand , Chandigarh , Punjab , Haryana , Delhi-NCR , UP , Rajasthan , some parts of Bihar , some parts of West Bengal , north –east States of Meghalaya , Manipur , Mizoram , Arunachal Pradesh and could even touch reach out to some southern States like Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. (8) Having said that , these are indications of likely trends in vulnerable regions or locations, quantum and size of which can be reasonably figured out imaginatively only while more care and appropriate strategy has weight to cope up or outdo wholly or substantially. So these alerts need not be construed to be alarm for panic.
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