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Sujay Rao Mandavilli's comment on Hindi: Our National Language?

Sujay Rao Mandavilli's comment on Hindi: Our National Language?
No government can support the language of one community in a multilingual country. It can potentially create a situation which brings it directly in conflict with international and UN principles (majorityism). In India, this is however not possible as the Indian constitution has enough checks and balances) Except for some old marxist, ex-marxist countries, no other multiligual country in the West follows this model i.e taking the langiuage of the statistical majority and plonking it on others. (i.e Canada, Mauritius, Switzerland all follow Unity in diversity models) It would only create chaos and confusion (some states have two and some have three languages or if you remove English some states will have one language in the syllabus and some will have two since Hindi states didn't care to implement the three language formula.) I don't think any other country follows such a system). This is not based on sustainable or win-win paradigms and will always produce a counter reaction: either break up (Pakistan - Bangladesh example or Tamil Eelam example) or encourage another language like English even more (India, Bhutan and Singapore may be following this pattern). since the Indian constitution has enough checks and balances. Let's have national integration based on mutual respect and not one half of the country thinking it can destroy the other half. My objection to such a policy is that it only creates more confusion and is unworkable in the long run. Till date Hindi has spread only based on "The law of convenience" because it is closely related to other Indian languages unlike English which is not a language of the masses). But you are creating chaos and confusion and misleading people even more. Such policies should have been scrapped in 1991 itself. It is opposed to the spirit of fedaralism and makes people of one community think they are superior to others. I have seen many people who are openly communal-minded. Who is repsonsible for this? Hindi cannot replace English under normal or natural laws of language spread or even according to the Indian constitution since Hindi is only the official language of the central government. India is a five thousand year poised to emerge as a major economic power in the 21st century: let us have upto date national integration strategies which work ! There are so many ways the central government can promote national integration strategies: The central government sets up a body to promote all Indian languages without bias or prejudice. Giving incentives to scholars, setting up libraries in all states, setting up institutes for the study of Indian languages in all states, translating books into all Indian languages, setting up virtual libraries in all Indian languages, Making the study of ANY one Indian language for a specific number of years mandatory for all Indians
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