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Sujay Rao Mandavilli's comment on Hindi: Our National Language?

Sujay Rao Mandavilli's comment on Hindi: Our National Language?
Again except in Marxist countries, nowhere is the language of the statistical majority "selected". Besides are Bhojpuri, Urdu, Mythili and Santhali really hindi? Politicians don't select mother tongues. In a federation Official languages of the central Government must be decided only when ALL states fornmally agree. If the central government wants to represent the language of one community in the UN, ALL states must formally agree. Otherwise other states can complain to the government. This shows how abusrd and unnatural India's language policy is: Some states have two / some have three languages. If English is removed some states would have one, some would have two languages (and furthermore Hindi is the native language of the Hindi belt. This is so unnatural that India and clearly designed to benefit only one community that India has spent literally billions of dollars encouraging English(not Hindi)since independance. Hindi spread only as an entry level link language. Such paradigms are also incompatible with 21st century ideals. The hindi belt has been spending literally billions of dollars on itself only to destroy itself. Let us start a debate immediately. There are thousands of ways we can acheive national integration. What about Prakrit /Sanskrit? People from all states and union territories and all communities especially those who may be disadvantaged by it must get together and form a commitee immediately to discuss strategies for natioanal integration and language .
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