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Sujay Rao Mandavilli's comment on Hindi: Our National Language?

Sujay Rao Mandavilli's comment on Hindi: Our National Language?
Here are some alternative national integration strategies Major problems with Hindi are (a) Some states have one some language and some have two languages in case English is removed in the long run (First discriminating factor) (b) Those who have Hindi have it as their mother tongue (Second discriminating factor) (c) In Telegu medium schools, we can only have Hindi as second language (Third discriminating factor) (d) Those who take over the job market through unnatural means can automatically destroy other cultures.(Fourth discriminating factor). This would keep on producing counter reactions, create long-term instability if imposed through artificial means, would be opposed to fedaralism and eventually minority rights, encourage English even more, encourage laziness at the expense of merit, encourage politically-induced uni-directional migrations, allow both English and Hindi to kill other Indian languages, encourage the learning of foreign languages at the expense of Indian languages, have other side effects (Hindi as an entry level link language in Non-Hindi speaking states) and end up destroying its own creators. While this may be a short term strategy, this would clearly be a unworkable long term policy This kind of a language policy is clearly opposed to the dynamics of a free market and even common sense (why will anybody learn something if he thinks it can destroy him) and is a relic of the Nehruvian era. Furthermore Hindi cannot even replace English according to the Indian constitution. Furthermore, Hindi (khadi bholi) is only the official language of the Central government. Rajasthani, Mythili (45 million speakers) are separate languages according to the eighth schedule, Bhojpuri (150 million speakers) has a rival entertainment industry, Urdu (75 million speakers) and Angika (30 million speakers) are clearly separate languages. Urdu, Santhali and even Mythili have separate scripts. Furthermore, apart from Marxist societies, there was never any concept of "selecting" "national" languages. However kings and rulers often selected administrative languages based on discussions with various people. Alternative strategies We can implement a combination of all these) (a) Language of the state, English and Sanksrit (those who don't want to take Sanskrit may opt for Urdu) (In vernacular schools) In English medium schools, English, Sanskrit/ Urdu. However, people must learn a little bit of the local language. (b) Some kind of Prakrit as third language (all states and communities must give an in principle approval before hand. All states and communities must get together and form a committee ) (c) Present three language formula. However, instead of Hindi , we can opt for any one living Indian language (excepting for the language of the state / urdu and sanskrit). This must be implemented by Hindi speaking states also. (d) Have schools only in the local language till 5th standard. (All states and boards must simultaneously agree) English will be taught as a second language. People coming to another state must study in the language of the state. However, one other Indian language must be taught based on demand (e) We can have a composite third language (a mixture of two three other Indian languages taught) (f) The centre sets up a body to promote Indian languages, sets up libraries, research institutes, in every town and district, translates international books into all Indian languages, makes technical information available avaialable to the common man (especially information which is most needed by him Agriculture etc, gives away prizes to scholars, provides translation services in the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha in all Indian languages so that only people from a few states do not benefit. Thousands of such other strategies can be thought of.
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