IGNOU Institute for Vocational Education and Training (IIVET) became operational in Shillong with the twin objectives of:(a) Identifying and developing need-based relevant vocational programmes and training the educated youth in various skills that would enhance opportunities for gainful employment (b)Identifying, preserving and promoting indigenous knowledge and technology in the North-East states. Vocational training programmes are being conducted for the youth, women and tribal population covering Ayurvedic Therapy, Production and Post-Production of Lakadong Turmeric, Soil and Water Conservation, Multi-Skills Development, Mobile Repair, Accounting, Masonry, Electrical Wiring, Trauma Management, Community Radio and Conversational English, among others. This community is for the students of IIVET organized Citizen Journalism Course
Editor's Message
Welcome to this Awareness Course on Citizen Journalism. Through this course you will be able to explore opportunities and avenues to tell stories as ordinary citizens on issues concerning the society in which you live. Be it the print media, television, new media or traditional media, there are opportunities for ordinary citizens to report on issues around them. Each one of us can be a citizen journalist and participate in media discourse. This new genre of journalism is an important initiative towards the democratization of the media.
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