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Disaster Quotes
  Bhopal Gas Tragedy
  “Those who are living out the consequences of the tragedy, they are the only ones who remember it.” – Raisa Bi, survivor of the Bhopal Gas Tragedy.
  Aeroplanes collision at Charkhi Dadri, Haryana
  “Ek banda iss ped ke uuppar latak raha tha (one of the passengers was hanging from this tree).” – a villager at Charkhi Dadri, recalling the aftermath of the collision in 1996.
  “He (Vivek Oberoi) has done little but derived a lot of publicity. He has just done 10 per cent of the relief work while the government did the rest.” – J Jayalalithaa, the then chief minister of Tamil Nadu.
  Train accident in Gaisal, West Bengal
  “They have to be here, how come I survived?” – Om Prakash Bhagat, one of survivors searching for his wife and child at the accident site.
  Earthquake in Bhuj, Gujarat
  “People are cremating bodies everywhere, on both sides of the road, including the unclaimed bodies that are also being burned.” – Blanchett, spokesperson of UNICEF.
  State of disaster management in India
  “We have never put resources, tools, equipments, skills, know-how in the hands of the people who are affected or are at risk.  In fact our efforts take away or often slow down the local community, cooperatives and businesses in responding, rescuing and rehabilitating.  The recent Tsunami Evaluation Coalition’s evaluation of six countries shows that local capacities are far more effective and sustainable over outside-in capacities or top-down efforts.  Decentralised disaster risk reduction is our direction for a safer India.” – Mihir R. Bhatt, Director, All India Disaster Mitigation Institute, Ahmedabad.
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