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lessons from disaster
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ON THE BORDER: A devastating earthquake occurred in the western Himalayas on 8 October 2005, causing widespread damage on both sides of the border.
DEADLIEST CALAMITY: An earthquake measuring 9.15 triggered a series of tsunamis killing around 230,000 people in South Asia
AIR CRASH: On 12 November 1996, two aeroplanes collided at Charkhi Dadari in Haryana killing all the passengers on board.
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WIDESPREAD DEVASTATION: A devastating earthquake, measuring 6.9 on richter scale, hit Gujarat on 26 January 2001.
SUPER CYCLONE: A cyclone smashed Orissa on 29 October 1999, with winds of up to 170mph, wiping out everything in its path.
  MARINE DISASTER: M V Seraya broke up in June 2006 leaking oil on the beaches of Karwar and South Goa.
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MASSIVE DAMAGE: The cyclone affected 11 million people in Orissa and left up to two million homeless.
MAKING FOR THE DISASTER: Many national and international organisations came forward to help the victims in Gujarat.
HUMAN NEGLIGENCE: 500 people died when two trains collided head-on at Gaisal station in West Bengal on 1 August 1999.
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