Riding for fun
CJ : Rahul Kumar
  Old London Castle
CJ : Rahul Kumar
  Tiger in the wild
CJ : Phil Davis
  Guns of Neemrana
CJ : Richa Jain
  Alone, I go in search of peace in the mist!!!
CJ : Shrishti Padathiyaar
  Restoring Faith
CJ : Deepak Kr. Das

Dear Citizens,
What started as a dream six months back, has metamorphosed into a reality for all to see. As I write to you through this special issue of merinews, I feel delighted and wish to express my gratitude...more

  Richa Jain  
  Dipen Nandani  
  Phil Davis  
  Dharmendra Kumar  

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 World  India

Nobel peace prize: Well deserved, but…

  CJ: Taj Hashmi
The Saddam Trial: Liberation or Judicial Assasination
  The verdict on Sunday puts Saddam to the gallows. What the western world and power blocs show as liberation may be ...
  Shoeb Hamid, merinews
Ugly faces behind the Gandhigiri mask
  CJ: Vandana Chatrath Mittal.
What it means to be Vajpayee
  CJ: Inam Ul Rehman
 Technology  Sports
GPS: the next big change technology
  CJ: Deepak Kumar Mohanty
Search engines launch video war now
  Asha Dey, merinews
What India does to its world champs
  CJ: Dhiraj Ahuja.
The cry of the cricket-crazy nation
  The cricket-crazy nation is at its worst, with even the men in khadi...
  CJ:Pranay Daryanani
 Entertainment  Lifestyle
Winning: The Answers — answers that winners give
  CJ: Sanjeev Chopra
Blurring lines: Munnabhai meets Mr and Mrs Iyer
  The line dividing mainstream and parallel cinema has blurred. “Fusion movies” is the new ...
  CJ: Neha Mishra
Rahu Ketu transit in October 2006
  CJ: Sangeeta Srivastava
Forever young
  CJ: Vishnu Mohan
 Business  Potpourri
Corporate hijacking of retail
  CJ: Dharmendra Kumar
Stock trading: 10 deadly mistakes
  CJ: Dhiraj Ahuja
Mirroring life in the conflict zone
  CJ: Shantanu Dutta
If Kaavya plagiarised, who defends stock characters?
  CJ: Christina Daniels
Interview: I favour reforms, not Uniform Civil Code
  Priya Tandon, merinews
Interview: Prof. Kamlesh Patel
  Asha Dey, merinews.

The same thing is with many ISP's in India but at different levels. I got a Hathway broadband service last month...more

  Anirudha, 30 December 2006, commenting on SIFY pays for deficiency in service

It is an irony that technology is misused by people. To me and to many others Orkut is a platform for reuniting with old friends...more

  Dayeeta Das, 18 December 2006, commenting on Orkut: The new danger

I have always been against Saddam and the kind of rule he forced upon the people of Iraq. But I still do not feel that his death sentence is fair...more

  Vandana, 09 November 2006 , commenting on The Saddam trial: Liberation or judicial assassination?

One must realize that the definition of power can be comprehensive as well narrow one. In the traditional sense, power can mean only ...more

  Kishor Dere, 21 October 2006 , commenting on Nooyi outshines Sonia, but does she really?

Well written piece. We have all been suffering the agony of driving in the congested city and don't know what more can the government ...more

  Raman Kapoor , 12 October 2006, commenting on Traffic: Hell of a drive
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  Most Debated : 2006  
  Mohammad Afzal Guru should be hanged  
  Wal-Mart hijacks the livelihood of small and medium retailers.  
  Saddam's trial is a mockery of justice  
  The cycle of love  
  Love is a beautiful feeling, even when it involves the fear of losing the person you love...  
  Shantanu Dutta  
  Inam Ul Rehman  
  Sudipta Sengupta  
  Vishnu Mohan  
  Vandana Chatrath Mittal  
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