Car damage, Submitted by AKANSHA..
How did you smash up your car so badly?

"I hit a pedestrian"

"That wrecked your car like that?" ...
How funny Banta's joke was!!!!!, Submitted by Manven
Once Santa & Banta were traveling along with their friends Monty & Jaggi. On a road surrounded by forests on both sides, their car was attacked by robbers. Santa & his friends were pulled out of the car. The robbers blasted the car and took Santa, Banta and their friends...
If Rakesh Roshan made Taare Zameen Par..., Submitted by Sudipta Sengupta
Since Rakesh Roshan cannot think beyond science fiction these days, this film would have that too. Instead of dyslexia, the kid would have alienositis or something, a condition induced due to him witnessing an alien abduction.
Instead of Nikumbh being an arts teacher, he would be a physics teacher, and...
Wife's age, Submitted by AKANSHA..
If your wife keeps on complaining about her health

Tell her, "nothing to worry, it's your age that's catching up, dear!...
Who says India is not progressing?
It is making strides in every craft
In agriculture, in industry, in science and technology
Above all, in corruption and in graft.
There are scams after scams now ...
HAVE U EVER THOUGHT OF THIS .............................., Submitted by renjithmvka
In some remote village of India, one masterji is teaching the Mahabharat katha to class 6 students. He is at the 'krishnajanma' part of it.

Masterji: "Kamsa heard the asareeri that his sister Devaki's 8th child is going to kill him. He was furious. He ordered to put Vasudev...
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