Car damage, Submitted by AKANSHA..
How did you smash up your car so badly?

"I hit a pedestrian"

"That wrecked your car like that?" ...
Sardar's Problem, Submitted by Alok Raman
Sardar: For the past one week a girl is disturbing me.
I don't know how she got my number, she interrupts whenever I call someone
and says "please recharge your card"
If Sanjay Leela Bhansali made Taare Zameen Par..., Submitted by Sudipta Sengupta
Obvious starcast:
Salman as the teacher.
Rani as the mother.
Of course the whole film would be shot on elaborate sets. The school would be nothing short of Harvard University.
An orchestra would play every time anyone cried. ...
Like Mother like Daughter, Submitted by Sudipta Sengupta
"I love your daughter very dearly, sir," said the young man. "I would suffer deeply if I ever caused her a moment's unhapppiness."
"You certainly would," replied the father. "That girl is her mother all over - and I should know!"
Driving car with closed eyes, Submitted by Suresh Gupta
A minister while going to Parliament asked his driver, Can you drive the car with your eyes closed?

Driver replied in the negative.

Minister taunted the driver, You cant even drive the car with eyes closed, and we are driving the entire country with closed eyes. ...
Know your age, Submitted by zainy
How can u tell u r getting old?

You go to an antique auction & 3 people bid on you...
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