Nano has no engine, Submitted by Ajit Chak
Two call centre employees were driving home in their Nanos late at night. They were very tired.

In the distance they saw two lights coming from the opposite direction. Its a truck they said and stopped their cars.

Two scooterists rode by chatting to each other. They decided to carry...
Sardarji on a train, Submitted by Sudipta Sengupta
Once a train was driven by a Sardarji. The train was moving on the railway line. Suddenly the train got down from the railway line and started moving into the fields.
The passengers got angry and decided to punish the train driver.
When the train stopped, all the passengers came to the...
Mallika, Submitted by Raghu
Mallika ko airport pe customs walon ne roka aur poocha: Madam is TIFFIN BOX me kya hein??

Mallika: Stupid ye mera suitcase hein....
Bird's love story, Submitted by shubhendu singh
A bird proposed a white rose.

Rose said wen i will turn red i will love you.

The bird cut his body & poured blood on rose. ...
Election Rhymes, Submitted by Pritikanta Panda
Twinkle twinkle party ticket,
I am pilot you are rocket.
Like a diamond on the tray
For you only I have to pay.
______________________________________ ...
Jahan Krishan ka janam hua., Submitted by Alok Raman
Train mein TT Sadhu se bola: Kahan jana hai?

Sadhu: Jahan Ram ka janam hua tha.

TT: Ticket hai? ...
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