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10 Advantages of BOYISH Looks!!, Submitted by Rishabh..
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“If Looks can kill then you might be killed”

Before you start reading this let me tell you that I am 21.

Recently I was travelling by train to Bhopal. A travelling ticket examiner asked me for the ticket which I duly obliged. He then asked me to show him the age proof. He was not convinced that I am 21 years old. “You look only 15″, he said. That was pretty embarrassing.
Whenever I go to watch any adult movie nobody questions my friends but I am always asked by authorities to prove my age. This question has become a very common one to me. Sometimes embarrassing, sometimes disgusting. One evening I was thinking of some advantages over others because of my “boyish” looks. These are the following:-

* I have kept many under illusion that I am the most “seedha ladka” in the entire college. In reality it is other way around.

* Whenever there is any mischief in the lectures none of professor “dares” to suspect me because of my “innocent” face.

* Girls find dimple on my face very cute. I have got at least thousand of compliments from girls who will pull my cheeks and say “You are so cute……….” It feels great. You will not understand unless you have felt it!!!

* The “hot” aunties don’t mind sitting next to me in train or bus.

* Many a times when there is any heated argument, the other party backs out saying “जाने दो बच्चा है !!!”

* Many people were inspired by me to join the ‘quota stir’ last year. The felt ashamed that such a “young” boy was leading while they were doing nothing.

* I make my friends laugh non-stop whenever someone ask me the question" Hey! You are studying in which class?"

* I still enjoy the privilege to play sports in under-19 and under-17 categories.

* Many people get a shock to see a “boy” smoking. They will often murmur “Where will the youth go?”

* Now the most important, according to scientists if you look younger than your actual age, it implies that your body cells are ageing slowly and hence you have a long life ahead.

It means that I will be enjoying the life even after your “death.” May your soul rest in peace. So my dear friend my glass is half full but your’s is half empty. Isn’t it?

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