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2O1O, Submitted by Pritikanta Panda
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On the occasion of year, month, week, day and moments are new,

Uncountable wishful messages on queue.

So I donít want to waste your valuable time with another,

I am just sharing some experience on the eve of new year.

The first message was from my girlfriend,

Who wished that in this new year my happiness may get doubled.

Such words giving me tension;

Means I have to spend for her, this year onetime more than!

One police met me on the way,

Wished that God may create for our meeting this year on several days!

My doctor also had a call,

Wishing several diseases for me and my family;

To meet him during the year regularly.

Bankers called me again and again for wishing like cyclone,

This year I may take too much lone.

Grocery shopkeeper to Barber, Political leader to Social worker

every one on their own agenda dropped there wish through phone;

This has drained my brain.

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