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India Rocks
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From 2 to 4 June 2006 some rock bands and rock addicts organised the Dhanaulti Rocks 2006 in the picturesque Uttaranchal. It was for the second time since November 2005 that the bands from different places in India and abroad came together to revive the charm of rock music. Team Merinews took the cue from the festival and decided to explore the state of Indian rock.
Variety is the spice of Indian Ocean
Indian Ocean is one of the important names to reckon with in the Indian rock industry. Susmit, Aushim, Rahul and Amit are here to rock us with a hitherto unheard blend of folk and contemporary music.
Petty politics flourishes in the rock world
Chennai: From being cheated out of competitions to getting lesser media attention Moksha has faced a lot of discrimination
We will do it again, with or without help
Dhanaulti: We had some amazing moments in these three days that no one who was there will ever forget. We had some beautiful music and everybody had a good time.
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Dhanaulti Rock Festival off to a rousing start
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We are best at making original music: Aatma
Krosswindz, a cross-pollination of global folk traditions
Aurko, a Hindi rock band in south India
Vayu battles everyday to keep classic rock alive
'You can play rock on piano or violin if you have energy'
JRO moved to Bangalore this year, and it rocked
Pak. music moves among many genres
Nomadic is the identity of rock from Ladakh
Dhanaulti fest was a hit despite hiccups
Bandleader recounts musical journey of Vinapra
Performer reminisces Dhanaulti Rock Festival
Rock is an attitude: Palash Sen
How Indian rock survived the market
Interview: Face-to-Face with Amit Saigal
The editor of Rock Street Journal does some plain speaking on the rock music scene in India
Rock industry can outgrow BPO sector: Prithvi
NOIDA: The band is financially sound and popular among the college crowds and hopes that soon rock artists will be able to earn purely through music.
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We take our culture seriously, so the world takes us seriously: Rudra
We need open-minded audience for rock: Prayag
Skinny Alley set to create a difference
'India has Fossils. What more does it want?'
Rock industry can outgrow BPO sector: Prithvi
We can't compose Hindi film songs: Parikrama
'We entertain people with an Indian feel in our music'
Band Wagon Strokes of time
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