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Amitabh Bachchan blogs about NDTV's Save Our Tigers campaign


I would like to consider myself as an aware citizen of my country, but I must confess that having spent time with two campaigns on the 'Save Our Tigers' over the last two years with NDTV have demonstrated how little I knew about tigers and their conservation. The issues that exist, the complications that present themselves both with the big cat and those that work to save it. The environment, the poachers, boundaries, buffer zones, core areas, protection forces, government and legal compulsions, snare traps, sale of tiger body parts, China, smuggling across borders, tourism and its controls, re location of those that inhabit land within tiger domain and their needs, breeding, transferring the animal to other reserves, the restrained landed areas where excessive tigers can create problems of them moving beyond their stipulated boundaries and causing man-animal confrontations.

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