BJP's victory in Assam - An analysis

Biranchi Narayan Acharya

BJP's historic victory in Assam is no doubt very unique. Before the results came in many were of the opinion that BJP may increase its seats, but, cannot be in a position to form the government. Frankly, the Congress too was expecting the similar thing. The Congressmen were of the opinion that although their numbers would be less, but, the post poll alliance with AUDF and other independents could save their government. Clearly that didn't happen.

Indian Medical Association directs its 2.5-lakh members to follow IMA Kayakalp

Damini Dawar

The Union Health Minister J P Nadda on Friday launched the 'Kayakalp Fortnight' to ensure the upkeep of high level of cleanliness, sanitation and hygiene within and outside the premises of Central government hospitals in the country. This is an extension of the Kayakalp initiative launched by the health ministry last year under the Swachch Bharat Mission. Supporting the initiative, the Indian Medical Association directed its 2.5-lakh members to follow the IMA Kayakalp.