Modi and Abe sign pact to develop Varanasi in the lines of Kyoto: Reactions from Japanese citizens and Indian experts

Shiv Prakash

The people of Varanasi are apparently not regretting their decision to back Narendra Modi from their constituency. The Prime Minister's own constituency gets a major boost in his recent trip to Japan after the two countries sign a pact to give Varanasi a face lift like the Japanese city Kyoto. But what is the city of Kyoto all about? Japanese citizens currently residing in India share their knowledge about the city and Indian experts analyse the move.

Is this the 'modernization' we crave for?

CA Dr Sunil Gupta

The world is talking of 'modernization'. As Indians, we speak about the western culture and make every possible endeavour to infuse the same in our day to day lives. Ranging from clothing and way of speech to our food selection and social dealings, a newer India has come up with an altogether distinct approach towards culture, patriotism, and ethical values.