UP Police hold clothes, mobile, internet responsible for rise in rapes

Damini Dawar

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ISL Match Preview: FC Pune Vs Kerala Blasters

Arjun Yadav

Two teams, which has struggled in the ongoing Indian Super League, FC Pune and Kerala Blasters are scheduled to take on one another later tonight at Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex Stadium, Pune. Kerala has just managed a single point from the competition, while Pune's record is not impressive as well, where they have only won four points in the competition.

'I realised if we wore a Sindhi cap, we would be killed'

Zulfiqar Shah

It was the summer of 1987. I was in Kalhora colony, Hyderabad at my uncles' place during school vacations. One morning when I got up and went to buy milk from the dairy of Chacha Deenu Soomro Shikarpuri, I found blood on the wooden gate of my uncle's house. There was a printed note on the door fixed with glue – Jeay Muhajir.

Change in Raahgiri timings will come about after permission from the Police: Latika Thukral

Mohan Kumar

With the winter season approaching, the organizers of Raahgiri planned to change the timing of the street social initiative, which takes place every Sunday. One of the key organizers, Latika Thukral told Merinews that from the very next month Raahgiri may begin from 7 am instead of 6 am. They would talk to Commissioner of Police soon to bring about this change.The MCG's approval has been taken.