IPL 2015: Firebrand RCB batsman Chris Gayle makes some new records after his innings against Punjab

Raj Bhandari

From the last few days, most of the supporters of IPL, had a feeling that the traditional thrill and the element of excitement have gone missing during the recent times. The main attractions of the IPL happen to be, its unpredictable results, totally thrilling batting, excitement filled and record breaking bowling, apart from huge world-wide fan following, extent of global coverage, huge brand value.

Has cheating in examination got professionalised?

Dr. Lalit kishore

With the schools examinations over, it is the time for college and university examinations which are setting new records in mass copying in mafia style in Rajasthan. If one goes by reports, the flying squads have unearthed a racket which more or less looks like an organised examination cheating racket.