Bone cancer is more fatal than other organ cancer : Dr Daniel Porter, Cancer expert

Ranjan Kumar Amritnidhi

"Bone cancer is more dangerous and fatal than other organ cancer. The dangerous fact about bone cancer is that it spreads more rapidly through blood. It infects the lungs and kills the patient. Early detection and early treatment are essential regarding the treatment of bone cancer." said the world famous bone cancer expert and professor of Royal Infirmary (Medical College), Edinburg, England UK, Dr Daniel Porter as a special guest of Silver Jubilee Celebration of Anup Institute of Orthopedic & Rehabilitation (AIOR) during the inauguration of the world class Modular Operation Theatre in Patna yesterday .

"We should strengthen the hands of Dr R.N.Singh for the service of mankind." said Nikhil K,umar, chief guest and former Governor of Kerala and Nagaland during his speech. He also appreciated the achievements of  Padmashree Rotarian Dr R N Singh in medical and social services in Bihar.

"AIOR,Patna is one of the great hospitals of India, which has all modern facilities with dedicated expert doctors and nurses. It's boon for any patient ."said Dr DP Bakshi former president of Indian Orthopedic Association and eminent orthopedic doctor of Kolkata to the delegates and guests in the seminar hall of AIOR,Kankarbagh,Patna.

 "Navigation technique is the best technique for the safe surgery of joint replacement of the patient."   joint replacement expert Dr Ashish Kumar Singh said during his power point presentation. He also explained about the history and benefits of Navigation technique during the surgery of joint replacement of the patients.

 "AIOE was established in 1989 in one room at Patna. I will continue my service to the patients for their better medical treatment with the help of the dedicated doctors and the blessings of our teachers and well wishers."said Padmashree Dr Ravindra Narain Singh, founder chairman of Anup Institute of Orthopedic & Rehabilitation, Patna during his vote of thanks address.

This silver jubilee celebration and Modular Operation Theatre was jointly inaugurated by Nikhil Kumar former Governor of Kerala and Nagaland, Dr Daniel Porter (UK),Dr DP Bakshi (Kolkata),Dr Pardeep Sharma(Delhi),Dr J.K.Jain, Padmashree Dr RN Singh and Dr Ashish Kumar Singh by lighting the lamp. All guests were welcomed with rose bouquets. Chief guest, special guests and some staff were honored with momentos. The programme was anchored by Sarrmistha Banerjee.

AuthorRanjan Kumar Amritnidhi
Date20 October, 2014
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