Eco-friendly and cruelty-free Holi urged in Jaipur

Dr. Lalit kishore

The elephant festival on the occasion of Holi has been cancelled this year too due to the objections from the Animal Welfare Board, animal welfare activists, and People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

The PETA has appealed to the revelers not to throw colours on animals and their pets on Holi. They have urged people to 'play Holi without disturbing animals since toxic irritating colour gets into their eyes, on their skin and in their mouths' and harm them. The slogan for Holi is "Have cruelty-free Holi; don't throw colours on animals."

Some organizations like "Wise Parenting" have appealed for eco-friendly Holi. According to them, though eco-friendly Holi is a popular concept today, it is not new to Indians. Such eco-friendly Holi was celebrated by Lord Krishna too. He used to make use of only natural colours made out of dried leaves and petals of flowers.

"So do not get carried away with the fun involved in festivals and forget nature. Celebrate an eco-friendly Holi to avoid nature's exploitation this time," caution activists.

Furthermore, Wise Parenting organization has suggested that for preparing dry colours grind the dry petals of marigold flower add some turmeric powder with gram flour which is good for skin. "Celebrating Holi festival is the real way of sharing colours of joy, love and enthusiasm," suggests the organization.

This time around, social groups and activists are urging people to celebrate a waterless Holi. "No water in pichkaris; no hurling of water balloons, paints and bags on each other! Go for a dry Holi with only eco-friendly colours," is message being spread around.

So, this Holi move away from throwing colours and water on each other and opt for a simple Tilak Holi!

AuthorDr. Lalit kishore
Date04 March, 2015
CategoriesIndia,Society and Culture


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