Tehri Dam oustees face many problems even after 10 years of commissioning of the project

Narendra Ch

Even after 10 years of commissioning of Tehri Dam in Uttarakhand, oustees have to continuously send letters to the state government regarding their problems. Displaced people along with Matu Jansangathan sent a letter to Chief Minister, Harish Rawat in which they said that many of their problems could be solved at the level of the state government.

The displaced people of Tehri Dam HEP are being sent to Pathri part 1,2,3,4 at Haridwar, in the name of rehabilitation since 1979. Around 40 villages are set up at this place.

Oustees should have been provided basic amenities along with the rehabilitation but they have been asking the government for past 35 years for the same. None of the governments paid heed to their requests and because of this they still live in utter distress.

  • The oustees have not yet got their land rights in the displaced land. Because of this they cannot avail any government facility like farmer's ration card, subsidies etc. They cannot even apply for bank loans, they have no property to show. They do not even have documents to show that they live here.

  • In past 35 years, around 24,000 displaced people live here with no health facility. Even basic Health centers and child care centers are not available.

  • After a lot of efforts, They have been able to have schools till 10th class but there is no availability of education after that.

  • Only part 1 had one bank cooperative society. After 35 years, in September 2013, another Indian Overseas Bank opened, again in Part 1 only.

  • There is no transport facility provided by the government.

  • Since past 35 years, oustees have still not been provided with post office and hence can not avail any of its services although the building is there for it to function.

  • There is no protection wall to protect agricultural farms and because of it wild animals continuously harm crops and farms.

  • According to the policy of Ministry of Power, oustees should have been provided free electricity but even after paying they do not have adequate supply of electricity. When Sushil Kumar Shinde was the Power Minister, he had announced 100 units of free electricity to the displaced people because of Tehri HEP.

  • Even after flowing Ganga nearby, facility of irrigation for the farms has not yet been provided, even when the water is coming only after drowning their villages.

  • Temple, Roads and other basic amenities are still missing after 35 years of displacement.

The electricity is regularly produced at Tehri HEP and the state government is earning regular revenues out of it. Matu Jansangathan said that the state government should utilize this money for the welfare of the oustees.

It demanded that electricity generated from Tehri HEP should be used for the displaced people of the project. The energy ministry's guideline in "Guidelines for development of Hydro Electric Projects Sites", 23 May 2006, speaks of the same fact that 12% free power should be used for developmental facilities for the displaced population.

The state and central government should work together to accomplish these works. Before making dams, there is a need to regulate the displacement, rehabilitation and environmental concerns of the old projects. This is the demand of justice, said the Jansangathan.

AuthorNarendra Ch
Date18 August, 2015
CategoriesIndia,Local News
TopicsSushil Kumar Shinde, Indian Overseas Bank


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