Heavy showers in Bangalore result in foaming of lakes

Abhishek Singh

The foaming has taken place especially in the much infamous Varthur Lake. Because of the rains, toxic foam has spilled over to the nearby areas.

Authorities had erected a mesh along the boundary of the lake to prevent the foam from entering the streets but rain and heavy winds worsened the situation with foam spilling over nearby roads & streets.

Social media was abuzz with pictures & videos of the foam spilling over the nearby areas and on the road. The civic bodies have constantly failed to contain the situation despite much public & media attention.

Till now, only Bellandur and Varthur lakes were known for foaming and at times even catching fire, but now, Huvinane and Subramanyapura Lakes have also joined the list.

While authorities are spending millions of rupees on preventing the froth from spilling to nearby areas, much less efforts have been undertaken to reduce the pollution in the lakes, which is the root cause of foaming.

The Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB) in Bengaluru had also installed a system of siphons. This system would help in smooth movement of the lake water, thus reducing churning and thereby reducing froth. But just one season's rain and this system failed miserably.

AuthorAbhishek Singh
Date29 May, 2017
CategoriesIndia,Society and Culture


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