Valentine Week fever catches up in Jaipur despite severe cold in Jaipur

Dr. Lalit Kishore

In Jaipur, the Valentine Week has kicked off February 7 with Rose Day and it is culminating with Valentine's Day on February 14 with young lovers and couples visiting malls and eateries for togetherness.

In one of the eateries, a decent notice in the form of a quote in Hindi on a chalkboard has been written for the youth, not to indulge in public demonstration of romantic love while having snacks, beverage, soft drinks or meals on the premises.

The quote on the chalkboard as shown urges youngsters to understand the philosophy (dharshan) of platonic love rather than indulging in public demonstration (pradarshan) of physical or sensual love as depicted in the inset picture.

It being held that festival which was observed in honour of Saint Valentine who had advocated for platonic love and healthy companionship, but these days the festivities during the Valentine week have taken a new meaning in form of overt display of romantic love promoted by the markets. 

The story goes like this that Emperor Claudius II had prohibited men from getting married during his  reign as he had thought that single men made dedicated soldiers. S However, Saint Valentine did not support the views of the emperor and facilitated weddings of eligible couples. When the emperor discovered and Saint Valentine was beheaded. After, the fall of the emperor's reign, the Christian Order decided to institute the observance of Valentine Day. But, the market forces have grabbed the festival.

Kind courtesy, the markets, the celebrations start a week before the actual valentine Day with Rose Day  when young lovers and couples express their love by giving roses to each other followed by Propose Day  when they pop the question. Thereafter, Chocolate Day is celebrated when chocolates are exchanged on the third day. On the fourth day teddy bears are exchanged as a symbol of love and the day called Teddy Day. The fifth and the sixth days are celebrated as Hug Day and Kiss Day respectively. On the seventh day of the Valentine Week, the festivities and indulgence peaks up with urban youth out to have fun.

AuthorDr. Lalit Kishore
Date14 February, 2019
CategoriesIndia,Society and Culture


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