Auditions begin for Mrs. India Worldwide 2014

Brijesh Bhatt

Auditions for Haut Monde Mrs. India Worldwide 2014 season four began in New Delhi in which more than 65 girls participated there from Delhi NCR. The next ongoing auditions are scheduled in Mumbai, Bangalore, and Chandigarh.

The audition was judged by Bharat Bhramar, founder and chairman, Shri Sai Entertainments Pvt. Ltd,. Mr Mukesh Tyagi (Bollywood movie fashion, page 3 fame), Mr Manuj Sharma (Producer Zila Ghaziabad) Mr Vipin Gaur ( Fashion Photographer).

Eligibility to be Haut Monde Mrs. India Worldwide 2014 is that the applicant should be Indian born and aged between 23 to 40 years and should be married. She should not be under any commercial contract with any modeling agency at the time of appearing for the auditions.

According to Bhramar, "Mrs India worldwide gives an opportunity to beautiful and talented females from India, to use this platform as a door to enter the glamorous world of fame, attracting a lot of fanfare".

The society where we live, provides women, be it a housewife or a working woman, with very little or no time to pamper themselves probably because they are busily caught up in the cobweb of their never-ending chores and sometimes their somber relationships. In the process of tending to everyone's needs and desires they sacrifice their charm and beauty the once possessed when unmarried, which they lose due to their hectic schedules.

In order to make them realize the special woman that has now vanished long time back deep inside them, we feel immense happiness to bring on this event that will ensure that these bubbly, dashing, sparkling women who have lost their charm and grace be able to recreate it.

AuthorBrijesh Bhatt
Date21 August, 2014
CategoriesLifestyle,Fashion and Beauty
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Posted by Swati / 8/21/14

Great to see married women also devoting some time to follow their aspirations and dreams...

Posted by suresh / 8/23/14

correction. 65 girls?? call them 65 ladies or 65 women??

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