Get the actual wreckage and identify with MH370, says Aviation Expert

Ashim Sunam

After sixteen days since the mysterious disappearance of MH370, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak said what was feared the most - Boeing 777, which had 239 people on board, including 12 crew members, has crashed into the southern Indian Ocean.

All of them have been feared dead. This information was brought to the notice of the public and the family members of the passengers only after using the satellite technology from the UK firm Inmarsat, which convinced Malaysian officials that the flight has been crashed into the Indian Ocean.

But, with the number of theories, which were doing rounds regarding the sudden disappearance of the Boeing jet airliner, such 'crashing into the sea' had also not been ruled out. What makes the case even more curious is the Malaysian officials not being transparent about the findings. China wants Kuala Lumpur to share all the evidence about the incident.

Social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook users are active in sending condolences to the family members of the passengers, while others are puzzled with this information and are not buying into the words of the Malaysian officials.

Harsh Vardhan, Aviation Expert said, ''You have to get the actual wreckage and identify with the aircraft of MH370. But, till then it is a strong possibility as per the information provided by Malaysia.'' Harsh further adds, ''Even if it is the same wreckage, it cannot be said that it crashed in the same place, where they are claiming. It can move as well.'' With the jetliner having disappeared 16 days ago, the wreckage might have been brought to that particular place by ocean currents as well.

A number of countries were included in the search operation spread over thousands and thousands of square miles. As per the Military radar, the jetliner had changed its route from its planned route, before its mystical disappearance. Harsh is surprised that the flight was located at such an odd degree (referring to the Indian Ocean).

But the search is not going to be easy any further also. Even if it is in deep sea, there are chances that the oil might have moved somewhere as well, which might lead to more confusion. It also depends on the amount of fuel at the time of crash as well. And to make matters worse, it is also one of the most remote locations of the world, which is hostile and constantly changing.

Harsh said, ''We should wait for a definitive clue and see where the aircraft is and then continue the exercise to find the debris.''

AuthorAshim Sunam
Date25 March, 2014
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Posted by Rohan / 3/26/14

Too many Speculations, but something is not right. Looks Malaysia is hiding something which they don't want to revel at this stage. Is this because of home grown terrorism? or jihadi pilots?... For sure, Malaysian Airlines will get hit, which I used to love to travel, now I don't want to,..!

Posted by Ashok / 3/26/14

This mystery remains the mystery no one knows what happened everyone is guessing. Pray to god for these families.

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