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Yoshiaki Murakami
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The vigilance of the Securities and Exchange Surveillance Commission of Japan finally resulted in the arrest of Yoshiaki Murakami for allegedly violating securities laws.

In contrast, the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) arrived at the scene of India’s largest stock market fraud masterminded by the stockbroker Ketan Parekh after all the action was over in 2001. Earlier, Harshad Mehta had successfully avoided the scrutiny by the SEBI in 1992. Though, Mehta is dead and gone, nobody knows where the money disappeared.

Is it time to scrutinise the functioning of the SEBI to stop such scams in the future? Or is there a larger failure of the Indian systems of investigation, where the multiple layers of investigations have not secured any convictions of financial frauds.

Can we also become as efficient as Japan is in investigating crimes? merinews wants to open this debate to you. Please click here to express your opinion on the way India manages its finances.

Japanese fund guru Murakami arrested for inside trading
The champion of shareholders’ rights was charged with cooperating with the maverick Livedoor head Takafumi Horie illegally in its hostile takeover bid of a Japanese radio network. Yoshiaki Murakami
  Yoshiaki Murakami  
  Yoshiaki Murakami  
  Takafumi Horie  
The Rise and Fall of Yoshiaki Murakami

I think its a high time for India and Indians to be careful in the investment industry in India. Recently Indian share market dropped drastically which might have effected millions of people. Japan can be a good market to compare and keep a close look into the trends in the Japanese stock market. Their experience can be a good lesson for Indian Investors for Indian market. Looking forward for more details on Japanese share market move and the impact of Murakami Insider Trading case on the Stock Market of Japan.

  Guest:  05 June 2006  

Stock Market: a place full of ambitions, hopes, desires and crores of money. Such a place is sure to give birth to people who follow undesired route to earn a few extra bucks. Where there is money there are corrupt people: isn’t it interesting that Mr Murakami actually confessed! It is not possible to hear about a confession in India. It is actually much easier in India to engineer a scam and then get into politics and avoid prosecution. To say that the upbringing of such people is totally because of the failure of the regulatory body (SEBI in India and whatever it is in Japan) will be a very myopic comment. Controlling the entire market by a handful of staff is not possible.

  H M: 05 June 2006  
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